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Why are you here? Well, here's why...

Your business idea is something precious to you.  Only you can know what you want to achieve and how you plan to get there, but you cannot do it all on your own. My Business Growth is a service, a resource to help you get there.

Designed to help new and small business grow and to help them survive the difficult early years it is a package of discounted services that all business need. It is designed to give you the support you want, on a menu basis.  You select what you want, and we  provide it.

Our unique menu system allows you to tailor the series to your needs.  Be it accountancy and marketing, or printing and websites, you select whatever suits your business.  You can have two or three of the services depending on your needs, and even have the option of adding additional ones if you feel the need!

What do you get?

You pay £800 and for that you get to choose any three services from the list.

Accountancy support

Website design


Leaflet printing

Office design and supply

Contract and admin support

Business plan

Business Mentoring

Marketing lists and advertising mailing

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